Unicorn Themed Table Skirt

I wanted a lot of fluff around the table. Luckily, I have a mother and aunt that helped execute what I wanted. I purchased three different shades of tulle and an inexpensive white piece of fabric that measured around the front and sides of the table. The rest was in the hands of my mom and aunt. They sewed the darker pink tulle to the bottom half of the white fabric, which allowed the tulle to touch the floor. They then sewed the lighter tulle to the middle of the fabric so that it overlapped the top of the darkest tulle. The lightest tulle was sewn on the top.

Full table
I placed a separate table cloth on the table and then added the tulle to cover the sides. My mom had the idea of sewing an elastic at either end of the white fabric, so that it would hold up the entire piece to the table. I also used tape (specific for cloth) along the edge of the table so that the tulle would not slip.  The skirt flowed very nicely around the table and went well with the magical, unicorn theme.

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