Family Staycation

James planned a much needed getaway…only we weren’t very far from home.  We hadn’t taken a trip since soon after I was pregnant with Nawal, and so we definitely needed a break from reality for a day or two.  James had the great idea of spending the weekend at Mall of America.  There was plenty to keep the kids entertained and it was a good practice round for when we decide to travel out of state.

We spent two days and one night at Radisson Blu, which is connected to Mall of America.  It’s a beautiful hotel and the skyway leads directly to the center of the mall.  I spoke to Noah a bit about the concept of a hotel and how we would spend our weekend, since this would be his first night away from an actual bedroom.  When we first walked into our hotel room, Noah and Nawal were both very nervous and uncomfortable by the new surroundings.  Noah asked to go home and Nawal cried a bit.  After about 30 minutes of exploring the room and finding some cartoons on TV, they both seemed to warm up to the idea of staying.

Mommy and Noah

After some unpacking, we walked to the newly renovated food court and enjoyed some burgers with fries.  Then, we hit up the candy store, Northwoods Candy Emporium.  James has the biggest sweet tooth in the family, so this was his idea of heaven.  A few taffies and truffles later, we headed to Nickelodeon Universe.

Noah in candy storeNoah and James candy store

Noah played his first game and won a prize!  We had a ton of fun riding on the carousel and a few other rides.  Our little guy was brave enough to drive a bumper car without mommy or daddy.  He had a smile from ear to ear!  Nawal was able to go on her first ride with daddy on the carousel.  When daddy would wave every time they passed Noah and I, she would wave as well.

gamecarouselcarousel 2

Soon after the rides, we were all pretty exhausted.  We headed back to the Blu to relax and freshen up.  The kids colored and played, and we got ready for dinner.  An hour later, we enjoyed our meals at Twin Cities Grill and did some light shopping.  I soon realized that I found myself a shopping buddy.  Noah thoroughly enjoyed picking out clothes for himself!

To top off our amazing staycation, we had brunch with our immediate families for Mother’s Day the next morning at FireLake Grill House (inside Radisson Blu).

This was truly the family time that we needed.  Thank you for the very special weekend, James!

2 thoughts on “Family Staycation

  1. Sonia & James,
    You are both so truly blessed with a beautiful family. It is so nice to see how happy you all are. Happy belated Mother’s Day to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tina! Happy belated Mother’s Day to you as well. Thank you for the kind comment. You’re such an incredible person with a beautiful family of your own. I miss you!!!


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